Acid Reflux Medications and Antacids – They’re KILLING you!

Acid Reflux Medications – The big pharmaceutical companies and doctors know that acid reflux drugs don’t actually cure heartburn or acid reflux.  All these acid reflux medications do is hide the conditions a bit like cold and flu tablets.  Why are Acid Reflux Medications killing you?  Read on to find out….

Acid Reflux Medications – Re-evaluate whether you should be taking them

Did you know that your mouth and stomach are the first step in getting nutrient in to your body?  Here are some facts about your stomach which you should know.

  1. Your stomach should have a ph of 3.0 or less.  This is more on the acidic side.
  2. If your stomach ph is higher can 3.0 (which is more alkaline) you are creating disease in your body
  3. Simply taking heartburn or Acid Reflux medications raises your stomach’s PH to above 3.0 and even higher.

Acid Reflux Medications – Why Proper Stomach PH is important

When you stomach is at the correct PH level it will digest food so that:

  1. The meat that you eat gets broken down in to amino acids so that your body can absorb it later
  2. Vitamins are created from the food that you are eating
  3. Vitamins get separated from the food that you eat
  4. Minerals get kept in a solution for later absorption by your body

So what actually happens when your stomach’s PH gets higher than 3.0?

Basically when your stomach’s ph level gets too high it starts to create more acid to keep it below 3.0.  When you are taking heartburn or Acid Reflux medication it interferes with this stomach acid by raising it above 3.0 and stops your stomach from functioning like a stomach should.

What happens now is it create chemical combinations which are not useable by your body.  In turn this affects the functions in the duodenum and colon.  As a result these body organs begin to malfunction and they don’t digest and absorb the nutrients from all of that wholesome food you’ve been eating.

The resulting effects are cascading and if you stomach has a ph level which is too high over a long period of time it can cause medical conditions which may not be directly traceable to a malfunctioning stomach.

Make sure you keep your stomach at a proper ph level and solve your heartburn and acid reflux problems naturally.  If your Acid Reflux has progressed in to GERD then you will have to see a doctor straight away.