Acid Reflux Remedies for Long Term Cure

Acid reflux is also known as GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux disease). Heart Burn is the other word which is most commonly used to refer acid reflux. This has nothing to do with the heart but acid reflux is the condition when the fluid content of stomach reflux up to the oesophagus due to overflow through sphincter or due to excessive accumulation of gases in any part of stomach.

Acid reflux may give rise to intense irritation and pain in chest that seems to occur in heart.Frequent occurrence of acid reflux may cause inflammation,ulceration or haemorrhaging in oesophagus. Even longer persistence of this disease may lead to oesophageal cancer.

Use of antacid may relieve the pain temporarily but it effects digestive functions when administered for a longer duration.This is the reason that Acid Reflux Remedy Natural has been adopted successfully for past few years.

Major causes of Acid reflux are:

  • elevated hormone levels during pregnancy
  • taking meal before going to bed
  • smoking
  • drinking alcohol and carbonated beverages
  • irregular consumption of heavy meals

Natural acid reflux remedies that are known to give best results in this condition are :

(A) Acid Reflux Remedy Natural for long term cure:

1) Keep stomach acid levels balanced:
Increased hydrochloric acid level in stomach is major cause of this disease.These levels can be manipulated for better by using good quality salt in meals.Ordinary and cheap table salts include only sodium and chlorine extracted from sea water but good salts like Himalayan salts contain trace elements that keep acid level balanced in stomach.

2) Modify your diet:
Packed and processed food is the actual guarantee of acid reflux problems. These imbalance the bacterial level in stomach and intestinal tract and thus promote acid reflux.An apple a day doesn’t only keeps the doctor away but also keeps heartburn away. Organic fruits and vegetables must be preferred over fried meals.increased vitamin consumption also helps in this disease because it prevents the any kind of infection in elementary canal.

3) Workout regularly:
Exercising is the primary source of good health and immunity to infections by any pathogen and acid reflux is no exception to that. Natural acid reflux remedy when coupled with a regular exercise,accelerates the process several times.

(B) Acid Reflux Remedy Natural for quick action and benefit:

1) Raw and organic apple cider vinegar:
It seems a bit bizarre to use a acid to cure other acid problems but there are some bad acids and some good ones. Apple cider vinegar definitely belongs to the good category. This is the most used method to quickly get rid of acid reflux. One tablespoon of acid cider vinegar must be mixed with water to take before each meal.It dilutes the excessive acid in stomach after eating.

2) Aloe Vera Juice:
Aloe vera juice is generally administered to cure diarrhoea or inflammation in digestive tract but it is equally beneficial in acid reflux cure.It needs to be taken when symptoms of heart burn start. One part juice is mixed with two parts of water to get quick relief from heart burn.

3) Baking soda:
It is the most natural antacid available to cure indigestion,constipation or acid reflux.But care must be taken with its use.High blood pressure patients are asked to avoid its use and therefore,medical advice must be taken before using it.

4) Other Natural acid reflux remedy include using ginger root and garlic.
They help to kill harmful bacteria in stomach and thus prevent further acid production that may later lead to acid reflux.

Researches have shown that heartburn condition may get worsened if care is not taken. So,it is best to never avoid any symptom and cure it as soon as it is visible.