Does Garlic Help Cure Heartburn?

There is no simple answer to this question. The jury remains out on whether Garlic is an effective heartburn treatment or another one to add to the “triggers” list.

When it comes to natural home remedies, Garlic is a sure fire inclusions on most lists when it comes to herbal health properties. Whether it is to boost the body’s immune system, or to reduce the cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease, the effectiveness of garlic as a herbal remedy is promoted across the world. But is garlic an effective remedy for heartburn?

You will be quick to find many supporters of Garlic as an effective heartburn treatment, with the popular home remedy suggesting that, heartburn occurs, chewing a clove of raw garlic is the best method for getting rid of the pain. How on earth could that work, you ask? Raw garlic is described as a natural antibiotic, and so when chewed, the garlic kills the microbes that are the common cause of digestive disorders (such as gastritis), relieving pressure on the stomach and alleviating heartburn.

Unfortunately for heartburn sufferers, the story is not quite as straight forward as this.
Many equally cite the downsides of garlic, noting that for those that are sensitive to it, garlic can actually one of the heartburn causes in people. The University of Maryland Medical Center and the National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine both highlight that side effects of garlic may include an upset stomach, flatulence or gastrointestinal issues. This information suggests that, in instances where people try utilise garlic as a remedy, they may actually make their heartburn even worse.

Ultimately, it would appear as though the use of garlic as remedy or the avoidance of it as a trigger is largely dependent on the individual and how their body responds to it as a natural alternative.