The Long and Short of Treating Heartburn

Treating your heartburn will vary depending on how severe it is. Simply, put a person who experiences heartburn once a week will have the condition treated differently than someone who experiences it once a day. Regardless of how severe your heartburn is, it is Important to treat it as early as possible. If you let heartburn go on untreated for years and years then there is a good chance that it can cause permanent damage to your body.

For a person who suffers from mild heartburn the easiest way to treat it is to make a few simple changes. Take the time to really look at the types of food that you eat when you get heartburn and cut them out of your diet. Eliminating these foods may be all that is necessary in order to rid yourself of this condition. If you are a person who smokes a lot and drinks alcohol then these two things may be one of the major causes. Also, try to get a little more exercise. Exercising will aid in speeding up the process of digestion which will give heartburn less of a chance to occur. Working out just one or two times a week may do the trick for you.

Over the counter medicines are a heartburn treatment that will work for many people. By taking an antacid you will be stopping the production of stomach acid before it starts. Since stomach acid is directly related to heartburn it is a wise idea to cut it off before it even has a chance to affect you. Antacids can be purchased at any drug store and can be very effective for most people if they are taken before eating a big meal.

If you find that over the counter medications do not work, you can see your doctor for a prescription. In severe cases of heartburn disease a prescription will be able to stop your symptoms and even aid in the healing process of any damage that there is to the esophagus. Many prescription drugs work by preventing the release of acid that occurs in the intestines as well as the stomach. Preventing the release of acid will improve your condition almost immediately.

Heartburn treatments are very effective. The different approaches to treating this condition can vary by how long you have had symptoms and how severe it is. Try to make a few changes to your diet in conjunction with over the counter medication. If this fails, see your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment plan.