What is Heartburn Disease?

Heartburn disease is a painful problem that plagues millions of people worldwide. In short, heartburn disease is when the acids from the stomach come into contact with the lining of the esophagus. This contact causes a burning feeling in the chest area that can last for up to several hours, and in some cases, even several days.

Heartburn disease is categorized by how many times you have symptoms in any given month. For example, if you haveheartburn once a month or less then you your heartburn disease will be considered mild. If you have heartburn four or five times a month then it is considered moderate. The worst scenario is having heartburn daily. In this case the heartburn disease is considered severe and requires the attention of a doctor.

If you think that you have heartburn disease, don’t worry, you are not alone. It is believed that up twenty percent of people who live in America are afflicted with some form of heartburn. In most cases heartburn can be managed by watching what you eat and taking over the counter medication. However, those severe cases may require the use of prescription medicine in order to control the symptoms.

People who have heartburn disease on a daily basis know that the pain can be quite severe. At this point, the pain can be enough to stop you right in your tracks or send you running to the cabinet in search of your medication. If you experience bad bouts ofheartburn disease it is important to know that you can be causing damage to your body if you don’t give the disease some attention. Untreated heartburn can cause scarring of the esophagus which will make it narrow. This narrowing will make it hard for you to swallow and in turn eat. You may also may be increasing your risk of getting esophageal cancer because the heartburn disease will cause the cells in your lower esophagus to grow in an abnormal fashion.

Heartburn disease is a serious problem that requires your attention. If you continuously ignore the disease then you may be doing yourself more harm over the long run. Take the time to change your habits or even see a doctor if your heartburn becomes frequent. The last thing that you need is your heartburn getting to the point where it is out of control and causing permanent damage to your body.