Can Acid Reflux Cause Back Pain?

Have you ever had bouts of back pain that won’t go away?  It turns out that Acid Reflux could be causing your back pain and discomfort.  Read on to find out more… Back Pain and Acid Reflux People who suffer … Continue reading →

Acid Reflux Medications and Antacids – They’re KILLING you!

Acid Reflux Medications – The big pharmaceutical companies and doctors know that acid reflux drugs don’t actually cure heartburn or acid reflux.  All these acid reflux medications do is hide the conditions a bit like cold and flu tablets.  Why … Continue reading →

What are Some Natural Remedies for Heartburn and Acid Reflux – Part 2

If you havе acid reflux оr heartburn, uѕing natural remedies tо rebalance уour stomach is whаt nature intended. Listed аre four natural remedies thаt уou can uѕе tо rebalance tһе acid in уоur stomach Cinnamon Cinnamon haѕ many medicinal uѕeѕ … Continue reading →